Welcoming a new year in style.

This year 2018 brings with it good fortunes, that’s according to my hopes. Last year had its own challenges and we thank God for the way He enabled us overcome them. We maintain our hopes once more for more years to come.

That One Thing

This time I want to talk about just ‘that one thing’.
In one way or another we ever fall a victim of wanting to start a business and run it successfully. But we swim within the valley of dilemma whereby we are not sure what business exactly it is viable. It is common especially when it is our first venture where we’ve never been to business before. Well, it is always advisable to do a lot of research involving market, demand, capital, labour and other very crucial aspects of a business before starting the business.
All that said, I want to talk about the people who have just sailed to the other side over the dilemma valley and finally come up with the right business to start. Assuming you’ve began and completed a couple of weeks. The few weeks are not as welcoming as some years later because first, your business is not yet famous, second, not everyone knows you well. Customers may be wondering what exactly you sell or do but with time they will know and spread the word. Subsequently you realize that you need more space to accommodate large number of customers, which is a dream of every entrepreneur.
My question now is, what makes an entrepreneur like yourself wait for that long until the customers come? Well, there is that one thing, Hope. Hope motivates all of us in everything we do. For example, we go to school everyday hoping that we’ll get educated and our future will be bright, we go to work daily hoping that we satisfy our needs and many other things. I also hope that I reach you in a very good tone so that you get motivated and that you never loose hope.
When it comes to business start-up, we hold on so tightly that the grip could be loosing at the end of a few weeks when the thought of business falling apart moves in, but hope motivates us. That time is like a testing period because it is not easy and many term it as ‘it is not for light-hearted people’ because you can close doors fast and head straight home and hate the whole idea.
Give it a try. Let them know you, know what you do or can do for them and the rest will become history. Going faster than it ought to be will open door for early closure. That will be unfortunate. Such kind of early closures qualify my term that I always say, “End of the beginning”.
I think I’ve passed my message. Remember that one thing.


New Year Resolutions

“New year resolutions” is a phenomenon that every person wishes to start a new year with. What comes to your mind when you think about new year resolutions? Obviously you have your needs that you wish to accomplish according to their priorities.
Every time a new year begins, a person decides to do away with bad things of the year that just ended or those activities and plans that didn’t push through. It is a good thing though. But have you ever looked back to check on your resolutions for the previous year to ascertain their achievements? If you can remember them, please check and mark them right or wrong depending on their performances. If you are lucky to have achieved all of them, kudos, it’s excellent work. If you managed to score half, good. If below average, please kindly set different targets this year especially those which you realistically can achieve. Don’t aim too high that you can’t reach. They say start small and grow. Set at least achievable goals and reflect back towards half of the year and see.

Lets wait and see our achievements at the end of the year. Happy new year to everyone. May this year bring you happiness and God’s blessings laced with successes.

Online legit jobs

I’ve tried several times looking for the right site for online jobs in vain. I’ve been wondering how other success stories of those already doing online jobs succeeded. Can anyone especially in Kenya induce me into this kind of job because I wish to have experience in it. I’d appreciate a lot.
Well I have as well registered entered my registration details to numerous sites preaching to provide instant paying opportunities but all end up being scams. That’s why I wish to get one that’s real and that will make me invite one friend and more to join and we all become living proofs of the online legit jobs.


No Job? Well, what can be done?

With the current status of unemployment rate being high among Kenyan youths and the rest of the world, it has come to a time when something has to be done. Everywhere it is heard that graduates are farm more than available jobs . It has even reached a level where it is difficult to distinguish between a learned person who went to school and the one who was unfortunate to join school.

You find that somebody studies from primary level, rises to secondary, then university and finally masters. After completion of masters, he or she comes home and no job is available. What can such a person do to get the value of his/her education? Nothing apart from out of desperation he/she decides to become something unthinkable. Later on he/she decides to be a shoe shiner! So sad. What can be done really?

Well my suggestion is that we need to embrace agribusiness as the better way of getting rid of poverty and idleness. Agribusiness come in different forms. For instance,tomato farming in greenhouses, strawberries, general farming, poultry rearing and many more. I also suggest that instead of just sitting around waiting for a job to find you, think of something that makes you income as you wait for a bigger opportunity. If you have never tried something new that you deemed it’s only for particular people then it’s time you practice it as long as it benefits you and your community. Your immediate market is your support. Use your available space at home to do something like rearing chicken or rabbits and do marketing for them. Who knows, maybe that will be your wake up call.

Any suggestions that helps us youths?


It is not a bad idea after all to be a jack of all trades. Basing on the current economic times, entrepreneurs all over the world do whatever it takes to make ends meet. For that matter, where I come from, I have encountered several businesses which do well when incorporated together. For example, incorporating a barbershop and a salon really works well. You get experience from both sides as well as building a wider clientele.
A little training which can take a short time like a month or two can set you off for the bigger rewards. Set a time for training to improve your knowledge base for example, if your field of desire is hairdressing; join an institution that will equip you with the skills before your business venture.
Attitude is the first thing that motivates you towards achieving a certain goal. Always maintain a positive attitude when working on a project. This will keep you along the road to achieving the target.

Nurture your talent to perfect on your results. Knowing your talent earlier avoids a lot of meandering in search of the same. Talent can be turned to a source of money. You earn from your talent. An athlete for example has a talent for running and therefore he/she earns from it. So cultivate your talent and the good fruits will come your way.


For the superstitious people, Friday the 13th is believed to be a day that involves bad luck, bad happenings or many misfortunes.

This day, Friday the 13th of January 2012 proved the superstition right for the residents of Ngoina Road-Kericho County and the surrounding. I was there when a wild dog caused panic. It was not clear where it came from and as a sign, the usual ‘sound’ dogs started making strange cries and barks at the sight of the ‘insane’ intruder. Then people became alert and began the chase it starting from around 10.00 am in the morning. The wild dog, which we call in our local language T9 (pronounced; tee nine), made so many appearances and disappearances in tea bushes and crossing the highway while on the run. Clubs, machetes, rungus, throwing-stones, pangas, sticks and different kinds of tools were being carried around by the youths who chased the dangerous carnivore.

The energetic youths never gave up the chase even when the animal disappeared in the tea plantations several times. They followed it and surrounded the hiding points but unfortunately, the dog never rested inside there. It was crazy. The only sign that it was already out of the hiding point was the squealing barking of dogs after seeing their enemy. This attracted the attention of the chasers to the scene. Women too made prolonged shouts like, ‘uuuuuuui ndio huyo’.

Finally the wild dog was killed at around 3.00pm in the evening. Then as if to ensure that the animal won’t wake up again, it was set a blaze. It burnt and went up in smoke. Every one of the youths returned to their homes relaxed and happy. If the enemy would not have been killed, it would bit people as well as other animals and livestock hence endangering the livelihood of the community.

That was Friday the 13th and especially to the animal because misfortune happened to it and for the local residents because they were no longer in peace when the first sight of the wild dog in the morning was heard until the killing of the dog when they sighed in relaxation. It is not yet clear whether anybody or any livestock was bitten by the rabies-carrying dog.


As imperative as it is, I’m coerced by my inner guts to mention a spectacular thing that occurred during the festive season of this year. The scene is at my place and characters are my friends. This is not fiction but real.

The day was long. It was a Sunday, 24th. Digital cameras made random clicks as their users pressed the flash buttons mercilessly. The night that day came so fast that I couldn’t figure out how and why. Maybe I was busy. The drinks involving sodas were splayed on the table and I being one of the non-alcoholic-drinkers, I suited myself with a cold coke. My friends quenched their thirsts with wine. I being the odd one out, I felt as if I played my own music – and indeed I did.

When the exhaustion crept in, everyone felt sleepy. Silence also became the uninvited guest and filled the air. Most dozed off. I too headed for the bedroom. I switched on the lights and then a strange and beautiful object caught my eye. I stared for a moment trying to decipher the surprise that immensely intrigued and took the attention of my visual organs. It was the butterfly on my window curtain. What a strange creature. It had never flown before to my window let alone my room.

It immediately reminded me of my angel who was with me the same day. I thought if she had left it with me as a reminder or as a watcher of my actions! But all I knew was that it wasn’t a bad omen. So I never disturbed it. Maybe it was resting too because of exhaustion – what was it exhausted from anyway? Huh, I don’t know.

I later got into my pjs and jumped beneath the sheets and took a long sleep until morning when I was feeling as fresh as a newborn baby. My friends were still reeling in hangovers of the previous day.

My friend – butterfly – had left too, probably earlier than me. I didn’t even get a chance to say hi or something like good night or good morning. But the goodness is that it gave me a beautiful reminder that there are some things that can happen which are meant to take us back to thinking of other people.

If you ever find something like that in your place, don’t worry much. Just ask yourself why and don’t first think negatively about it. Start by thinking positive about it first.

“Cover me so that the old woman may cease”, she yelled.

Kwamboka (not her real name) and I were sitting together, alone by the swimming pool having a reluctant conversation which soothed our moment. Silence filled the air. Water waves reflected graphical wavelengths which sometimes made our minds wander far off. The conversation lasted upto late in the night when it was becoming cold. So we moved indoors.

She led and I followed. I shut the door. She dropped the curtains both in our living room and bedroom.

After sometime, I found myself holding her waist while standing and facing each other. She smiled. She giggled. Then she laughed. And laughed more. Then she laughed more and more loudly. I took away my hands from her. She didn’t stop her mirth. I watched her with a mixture of confusion and enjoyment. I didn’t understand why she did that. Then she moved towards the sofa. She began rolling herself on the sofa rigorously and vigorously. Her head shook until it became two heads in the process. Many hands emerged from her rolling body and they all pointed towards me and trying to reach for me. Then I heard a loud voice yelling from her, “Cover me so that the old woman may cease”. I couldn’t decipher that. Who was the old woman she was referring to? So instead of overloading my brain with questions, I acted accordingly. I grabbed a blanket and threw it over her, covering her whole self.

In a twinkling of an eye, she ceased. She rested. It was as if a heavy downpour came to a halt suddenly. Everywhere went dead silent.

Then I opened my eyes. I woke up. I check the time in my phone. It’s reading Wednesday, 01.26 AM. I am gasping. I am sweating. I am tired and my hands feel as if they have just been untied. I look around. No one is around, just me. I am in my usual bed. Then I realized that all this was a nightmare! Then I grabbed a pen and start writing down the whole scenario – before it disappears in my memory – to tell you about it.

What a nightmare!!

I went back to sleep.

Grandiose Approach

It is Sunday mid-morning and the aura is fine. I’m seated in this classy hotel in town. Soothing RnB music is playing softly in the background. The room is just cool and conducive for relaxing minds.

I’m feeling tired and bored so I’m trying to take a quenching sip of soda to relieve my guts. I came alone. In the room we are not many. The look through the glass window seems to go with all the thoughts in my mind.

To the left corner from where I sit, there is this dude whose phone is ringing. It brings my attention to life. The chiming sound of the ring tone enlightened my mood. I glance at his direction. He looks at the phone, probably to check who is calling. Immediately he reaches his ear with the phone and begins to talk in a very low tone. I draw my attention from there and continue looking through the glass. Instantly, I remember something. I think I saw something. I look back at him. He withdraws his hand from the ear and goes on facing a little bit downwards. Then I ask myself what exactly is he interested so much down there? It’s his laptop. OK. Fine. I’m settled. So is he watching? Is he playing a game? Is he doing online writing? Is he doing online marketing? Is he … is he? Or is he doing nothing? But I suppose he is not doing the latter.

The dude looks like he is a computer guru in the way his fingers are running all over the keyboard like heck. His tie is cocked well cupping the collars of his shirt. His black and well ironed suit matches his shining shoes. I mean, he’s just the epitome of a salaried person holding a high position in the ranks. His short well shaved hair matches his big head. Not to ill-talk him but yes, his head is big.  I guess he’s got brains unlike some of us who got balls. God made us differently, I appreciate that. And I’m satisfied with that.

Momentarily, another call comes. He reaches for the phone and this time round, he looks at it and makes a scornful frown and mocking smile. He hangs the call and returns the phone to its place. I’m not sure if he switched it off.

Being interested in his appearance, I think he might be someone who can connect me to a job available anywhere. As a youth looking for a job, we are advised to grab or make use of any available opportunity. I therefore make a move towards his territory. Before I sit opposite him, I remember to exercise respect as to never sit before you are told to or before asking for it. I stand beside him but he seems too busy to notice my intrusion. I salute him, “Good morning sir?” “Huh” he responds in a rather frightened and resentful demeanor while raising his head to look at me. “Oh have a seat.” He says it timidly quickly. I whisper a ‘thank you’ and sit comfortably. He goes straight to the point by asking me “How may I help you?” That’s when I realize that he really must be very busy. Such conversations, from my earlier experiences, need straight to the point answers, like ‘yes’ and ‘no’. They are ephemeral kind of conversations.

“You are a great man with intellect and of importance to our society” I begin. “I’m asking you to just give me a short moment of your time to express myself. Actually, I’m looking for a job and if you know of a vacant position that matches my qualifications, I will be grateful if you let me know. I’m ….” I implore him to hook me up for a job.

“I’m sorry man; you got the wrong person to ask all that. If I were you, I can’t look for a job. My parents are rich and I get everything I want. If you don’t mind, I need to complete the last level in the game I was playing; so excuse me”. He rattled.

I curse the air in my lungs as I breathe out through my broad nostrils. What a jerk! Just playing a game? I become more confused than I was before I saw him. I get up slowly and voluntarily and squeeze myself out of the suddenly tightened atmosphere. Our conversation (if it qualified to be called so) took less than ten minutes. I’m back to my former seat, which is now cold. I call for Sprite. A few gulps and hiccup boringly.

I convince myself to assume that nothing like communication ever took place today. That no conversation happened. Then I subside.

Then I see myself as better off in someway. I’m educated. Learned. Enlightened. Now in the field looking  for a job. Thus I make life worth living. I struggle to survive. And so the saying goes, “every successful person has a painful story; accept the pain and get ready to success”.

I concluded that had I known earlier, I wouldn’t have a conversation with a stranger.

For job hunting, a grandiose approach that was.

I finish my soda, pay the bill and get out, my hands delved in the side-pockets of my jacket. I’m ironically more energized and encouraged than before.

So ladies and gentlemen, be friendly. We all need each other in climbing this ladder. If you are fortunate, don’t look down upon others. Not all people are the same. Let’s respect each other. “No man is an island”.

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